Who am I to refuse the universe?

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There used to be an introduction here; I got rid of it because it was idiotic, and became worse whenever I tried to fix it.

Stalker's guide

The best places to keep track of me are, in rough order of interestingness:

  1. My blog - divided into real content (feed) and a sideblog for links with a few words around them (feed)
  2. Del.icio.us: web pages that have interested me recently.
  3. Group blog about Berlin, to which I occasionally contribute.
  4. This livejournal, for trivia about my life and the occasional thing I don't want in public
  5. Iraq Analysis Group. Collecting information about Iraq. Yes, we have a blog there, too (feed), but what you really want are the listings of information sources or our occasional publications. Now pretty much defunct.
  6. Facebook: all the faffing of LJ, with none of the content.

I have a contact details post, which is sometimes up-to-date.


I have a filter for headspace posts. It was originally opt-in, but I've lately started adding people who I'd like to talk to about the inside of my head. If you want to opt in or out, leave a comment on this entry.

There are also a couple of filters for semi-confidential work-related things, and one to separate the Russian-language LJs from the ones belonging to people I actually know. And I have a filter for frivolous memes, which consists of friends who post that kind of thing themselves.


Because you can never have too many quotes. Not mine, they just make me smile.

"In the global village, the sun is always over the yardarm"
"Nothing is inherently justified: government, power, little coats for dogs, violence"
"Growing older is unavoidable; growing up is your own fucking fault"
"If God hadn't wanted us to indulge in unwholesome fetishes, hew wouldn't have given us the Internet"